Starburst Slot Review – Top NZ & Aus Casino Game!

Starburst Slot Review – Top NZ & Aus Casino Game!

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Why has Starburst slot been a big hit in New Zealand and Australia for so long? Let’s find out.

Starburst is a fan-favourite in NZ and Aussie casinos, thanks to NetEnt’s magic. It dazzles with 3D effects, a cool space theme, and an addictive soundtrack. Launched on June 20, 2012, it’s a low-risk game with a huge potential payout of 50,000 coins from just one spin.

Starburst suits all kinds of players with bets from $0.10 to $100. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines that pay both ways. Playing on mobile? No worries. NetEnt’s ‘Touch’ makes sure the game works smoothly on iOS and Android, just like on a computer. Plus, it’s often part of promos, giving away free spins and bonuses to both newbies and regulars.

Key Takeaways

  • Starburst is a popular online slot game developed by NetEnt.
  • The game is known for its vibrant 3D effects and space theme.
  • Released in June 2012, Starburst allows players to win up to 50,000 coins.
  • Betting options range from $0.10 to $100 per spin.
  • Available for both desktop and mobile play via NetEnt’s ‘Touch’ technology.
  • Commonly included in casino promotions offering free spins and bonuses.
  • The game features 5 reels and 10 paylines that pay out in both directions.

Introduction to Starburst Slot

Our journey into the Starburst slot world starts by celebrating its design that invites all types of players who also like Big Bass Bonanza Slot, Mega Moolah, Sweet Bonanza. Made by NetEnt, this captivating online slot mixes old-school slot charm with cool 3D graphics. It’s both a treat for the eyes and fun to play, no matter your skill level.

The Starburst slot is known for being easy to play. It boasts a 96.01% return to player (RTP) rate, offering good chances to win. The game’s design leads to regular, smaller wins, making the play experience exciting and rewarding.

NetEnt’s Starburst slot shows how modern twists can make classic slots feel new again, keeping the fun going for everyone.

Starburst stands out by paying for win combos in both directions, boosting your win chances. This cool feature means more wins and more fun. It’s why players love it on many gaming sites.

The Starburst slot is also a top pick for promotions, like free spins. These deals make players more excited to play, offering fun at no extra cost.

In short, the Starburst slot shines with its friendly design, thrilling play, and great deals. It’s a major highlight in NetEnt’s game collection.

Game Theme and Design

NetEnt’s Starburst shines with its vibrant 3D graphics. These graphics bring depth and movement to life, hooking players visually. Alongside, its immersive sound boosts excitement during gameplay.

Vibrant 3D Effects

The 3D graphics in Starburst are eye-catching. Each symbol and spin is designed to stand out, making the game environment dynamic. This makes the game appealing and keeps players interested.

Space Theme

Starburst stands out with its space theme. The design takes you on a space journey, among stars. This setting is enhanced by moving objects and classic arcade vibes.

The game melds this with immersive sounds, making each spin exciting. Through these features, Starburst offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Starburst Slot Setup and Betting Options

Starburst slot is easy to use for everyone, from beginners to experienced gamers. It lets us change coin values to perfect our bets. You can change your bet with simple controls, choosing from bet levels 1 to 10 and coin values from 0.01 to 1.00. This means all kinds of players, from those who play for fun to the big spenders, will enjoy Starburst.

Starburst has ten fixed paylines and pays out both ways. This increases our chances of winning compared to slots that only pay one way. Plus, it’s part of the NetEnt slots collection, which are well-known for being high-quality and fun. The bets start at $0.10, great for those on a budget, and go up to $100 for those looking for big wins.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Starburst betting options:

Bet Levels1 to 10
Coin Values0.01 to 1.00
Minimum Bet$0.10
Maximum Bet$100
Paylines10 (fixed)
Win DirectionsBoth ways

Starburst’s customization lets every player set it up how they like. The chance to win both ways adds excitement to each spin. These settings make Starburst a favorite among NetEnt slots for many players.

How to Play Starburst Slot

Starburst is easy and fun to play, appealing to all kinds of players. We’ll explore how to set bets and understand the paylines. It’s straightforward to get started.

Setting Wager and Coin Level

To set your bet, use the simple game interface. Choose your bet level by clicking ‘Level’ and pick a coin value with ‘Coin Value’. This lets players adjust their bets from 0.01 to 1.00. It suits both budget players and those who like to bet big.

Payline Information

Starburst features 10 fixed paylines, so there’s no need to pick lines. These paylines pay out both ways, making wins more frequent. This setup offers players better chances to win compared to traditional one-way slots.

Mobile Compatibility

Starburst excels in mobile gaming thanks to NetEnt’s ‘Touch’ tech. It ensures Starburst plays well on iOS and Android, without losing its stunning graphics. So, players can enjoy top-notch gaming anytime, anywhere.

Starburst Slot RTP and Volatility

If you’re diving into casino game strategies, it’s key to know about Return to Player (RTP) and volatility. The RTP for Starburst is 96.09%. That’s pretty standard for online slots. It means players can expect a stable gaming journey.

Starburst’s magic comes from being a low volatility slot. It’s great for players who like getting small wins often. This type makes for longer play times because it helps keep your bankroll steady. With Starburst, you get to enjoy frequent victories without much risk.

When planning a casino game strategy, Starburst’s reliable RTP and low risk are appealing. It suits newbies and cautious players perfectly. These qualities ensure a fun time with more chances to win small amounts often. So, it helps players extend their fun and manage their funds better.

Let’s check out a table that compares Starburst to other popular slots:

Slot GameRTPVolatility
Gonzo’s Quest96%Medium
Dead or Alive96.82%High

This shows Starburst’s RTP is in line with the best. But, its low volatility is perfect for those after consistent action.

Starburst Symbols and Paylines

NetEnt’s Starburst slot combines classic and colorful gemstone symbols. This mix makes the game visually appealing and exciting.

High-Value Symbols

The Bar symbol is the top high-value symbol in Starburst. It offers big multipliers when part of a winning combo. The number 7 symbol, with its planet-like design, is next in value. These symbols aim for bigger wins and add a classic feel.

Gemstone Symbols

Starburst is known for its bright gemstone symbols. It has yellow, green, red, blue, and purple gems. The yellow gem tops in value, with green and red close behind. These gems make the game look rich and can also lead to good payouts.

Each-Way Play Feature

Starburst’s two-directional payouts are a key feature. Wins can come from the left or right across 10 fixed paylines. This boosts winning chances, adding excitement to each spin.

Starburst Slot Bonus Features

Starburst stands out with its unique Free Spins No Deposit bonus features. It doesn’t have normal free spins. Instead, it uses the Starburst wild symbol to activate great features.

The Starburst wild can show up on the middle reels. When it appears, it expands to cover the reel and stays for a respin. This makes the game both exciting and rewarding, as it provides extra spin chances for free.

These wilds can trigger more respins, leading to bigger win multipliers. Even without usual free spins, this feature shines among NetEnt’s special features.

With these special features, Starburst offers players something new over traditional bonuses. It’s an exciting game with big win potential.

Expanding Wilds and Respins

The expanding wilds in Starburst make the game thrilling. They’re key to getting bonus 20 No Deposit spins. The Starburst special symbols also activate a respin feature, making the game even more exciting.

Wild Symbol Details

Starburst’s wild symbols are bright and eye-catching. They replace other symbols to help you win. When they land on the middle reels, they start a respin, adding to the fun.

Triggering Respins

Starburst wilds can trigger a respin without extra bets from you. The wild stays in place during the respin. If more wilds appear, they also expand and trigger more respins. You can get up to three respins, increasing your chances of big wins.

Starburst Slot Free Spins

Starburst, by NetEnt, is different because it doesn’t have the usual free spins round. Yet, its expanding wilds feature gives players a lot to enjoy. These wilds appear on the reels, replace other symbols, and trigger a free respin. It’s like getting spins for free in other games.

Another reason players love Starburst is the NetEnt slot promotions. Online casinos often include Starburst in their welcome bonuses or other rewards. This lets players try out the colourful game without risking their own money. These deals increase the game’s charm and make it a favourite for free spins in NZ and Aus.

The slot has a special respin feature that brings a new twist to the usual bonus spins. Also, the free play modes in promotions mean players get lots of chances to spin for free. This has made Starburst a popular choice in the online slot world.

Mobile Experience of Starburst Slot

The Starburst mobile slot offers fun on-the-go through NetEnt Touch technology. Now, you can get the same exciting gameplay on iOS and Android compatible pokies as on computers. This tech ensures top-notch visual and audio quality is maintained.

Touch Version for iOS and Android

The Touch version fits touchscreens perfectly. It adjusts the game layout and controls for smaller screens. This makes the Starburst mobile slot look great and easy to use on smartphones, keeping the fun alive.

Gameplay Differences on Mobile

On mobile, Starburst’s controls for spinning and betting are easy to reach. The menus and settings are made simple for mobile use too. This gives players a seamless mobile gaming experience. It shows NetEnt’s focus on mobile-first gaming.

Playing Starburst Slot for Real Money

Real money Starburst play offers an unmatched thrill. It’s loved by many and has bets for every budget. NetEnt’s Starburst blends excitement with balance, making it fun and not too risky.

Starburst stands out because of the special promotions at secure slot casinos. You’ll find bonuses, rewards, and offers to boost your chances to win. Plus, real money play makes the game even more thrilling.

Starburst works well on different online betting sites. This makes it easy to start playing safely at licensed casinos. It’s a reliable choice for everyone, whether you’re new or experienced.

NetEnt real stakes gaming means Starburst is fair and exciting. With a good RTP and low volatility, it’s great for long sessions. This balance keeps the thrill alive and ups the chance for wins.

Why Starburst Slot is Popular in NZ and Aus

Players in New Zealand and Australia love Starburst. Its amazing visuals and sounds, along with easy-to-use features, stand out. It is a favourite in many online casinos. Let’s look at what makes this game so appealing.

Low Volatility Appeal

Starburst attracts casual gamers with its low-risk bets. It’s perfect for those who want to play longer without losing much. This game offers frequent wins, keeping players engaged without emptying their wallets too fast.

Frequent Casino Promotions

Many casinos in NZ and Aus often feature Starburst in their promos. They offer things like no deposit bonuses and extra spins for this game. These deals give players more chances to enjoy Starburst without using their own money.

User Engagement and Enjoyment

Starburst wins players over with its stunning graphics and sound. The game’s interactive parts and simple interface immerse players deeply. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the top pokies in NZ & Aus. Its ability to captivate and entertain is unmatched.

Alternative Games to Starburst Slot

For players who love the excitement of Starburst but crave a bit of variety, exploring

From NetEnt’s extensive array of slot games, there are plenty of enticing NetEnt slot alternatives that offer distinct themes and gameplay mechanics. For instance, those who enjoy immersive narratives may find Jack Hammer and Jack and the Beanstalk captivating, with both slots delivering engaging storylines and unique features.

If you’re in search of high-volatility slots with bigger potential payouts, Dead or Alive with No Deposit Bonuses by NetEnt stands out as a thrilling option. Known for its Western theme and high-paying symbols, this game offers the chance for significantly larger wins, although with greater risk.

Additionally, diversified slot options such as Berry Burst and Dazzle Me invite players to experience different themes while maintaining exciting gameplay. Berry Burst presents a refreshing fruit theme with cluster pays, creating an engaging alternative to the traditional paylines of Starburst. Meanwhile, Dazzle Me charms with its jewel-themed symbols and innovative reel layout, offering players other pokies recommendations to expand their slot gaming horizons.

Below is a comparison of these alternative games to help players identify the next game to try based on their preferences:

Slot GameThemeVolatilityUnique Features
Jack HammerComic BookMediumSticky Wins, Free Spins
Jack and the BeanstalkFairy TaleHighWalking Wilds, Treasure Collection
Dead or AliveWild WestHighSticky Wilds, Free Spins
Berry BurstFruitLow-MediumCluster Pays, Expanding Wilds
Dazzle MeJewelsMediumDazzling Wild Reels, Linked Reels


NetEnt’s Starburst slot is truly a bright spot in the world of online casinos. It marries lively colors with a captivating space theme and simple game mechanics. This combination draws players from New Zealand and Australia. Starburst is a top pick for both casual play and the chance to win big, making it a favourite.

We are big fans of this game from NetEnt. It’s designed for a wide range of players thanks to its low risk. Plus, players keep coming back for more with special Starburst free spins offers. It’s perfect for mobile play too, so you can have fun anywhere on your iOS or Android device.

To wrap up our review, Starburst has made a lasting mark on casino gaming. Its easy-to-use format and fun gameplay have earned it rave reviews. This game stands out as an excellent choice for anyone after a top slot experience. We say with confidence: Starburst shines bright in the online pokies world. It’s worth checking out for its superb playability.


What is the Starburst slot game?

Starburst is a top online slot game by NetEnt. It’s famous for its eye-catching 3D effects and space theme. Players love its cool soundtrack. It’s a hit in online casinos in New Zealand and Australia.

How do I play the Starburst slot?

To play Starburst, adjust your bet using the game’s controls. Use the ‘Level’ button to set the bet level. Then, adjust the coin value with the ‘Coin Value’ button. The game has 10 paylines.

There’s an ‘Autoplay’ feature for automatic spins. Plus, a ‘Max Bet’ option for the highest betting level.

What is the RTP of Starburst slot?

The RTP for Starburst is 96.09%. This is typical for online slots.

Can I play Starburst slot on my mobile device?

Yes, Starburst works great on mobiles thanks to NetEnt’s ‘Touch’ tech. Enjoy the same great gameplay on iOS and Android as on a desktop.

What are the betting options in Starburst slot?

Starburst lets you bet between $0.10 and $100 each spin. Bet levels range from 1 to 10. You can choose a coin value between 0.01 and 1.00.

What special features does the Starburst slot offer?

A cool feature of Starburst is its expanding wilds, leading to respins. If a Starburst wild lands on the middle reels, it covers the reel. The reel stays put while others respin, up to three times.

Does the Starburst slot offer free spins?

There’s no traditional free spins round in Starburst. But, many casinos offer free spins on it as part of their deals. This includes welcome packages and rewards for current players.

What type of symbols are on the Starburst slot reels?

You’ll find symbols like the Bar and the number 7, plus five coloured gemstones. The game pays out for combos formed both ways.

Is it possible to play Starburst slot for real money?

Yes, playing Starburst for real cash is an option at many safe online casinos. There are bets for all types of players. Often, there are cool Starburst promos.

Why is Starburst slot popular in New Zealand and Australia?

Starburst wins fans in New Zealand and Australia with its low volatility. It also has lots of casino free spin deals. The graphics and sounds make gaming fun. Players enjoy more wins, even if they’re smaller.

Are there alternative games to Starburst slot?

For sure, there are lots of other NetEnt games like Jack Hammer and Dead or Alive. Also, try Berry Burst or Dazzle Me for fun gameplay and different levels of excitement.

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